Life and Times inspiring interior designs

Wow, do I ever love this video!   Check it out and then read on… I love this short doc from two perspectives at once.  A – It’s a compilation of gorgeous old sidecar racing footage, (which I never knew would interest me), and B – it features a charming example of how we should all feel about how we lived our lives when we reach our late 80s.  Can something like this inspire an interior design?  Of course, I don’t mean a literal version with sidecar motif wallpaper or bed sheets!

Although Stan inspires how I want to live my life, I know we’re here to talk interiors.  So within that context, I was struck by the nostalgically sleek design of the sidecar motorcycles and the elegant precision, balance, and grit of the driver and “passenger”.    Toss in in the elegance of the setting, the warmth of the film’s patina, and the perfect music.  This old footage personifies nostalgic manly elegance to me, which, YES – can completely inspire an interior.  Check out the video and send a link to an interior or other setting that you feel fits the mood!

Now, add the aged rebel who now counts backwards from 100!  I’m thoroughly charmed…

“I’ll always say ‘YES, YES!’ – and then I’ll sleep on it” Stan Dibben