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Why We Love Green Roofing

Hint: Like our Designs, They’re So Much More than a Pretty Space The past few years have brought radical rethinking of how we live and work, including how we use our spaces.  With outdoor spaces taking on a previously-unimagined level of importance for businesses and homeowners, more and more building owners are installing green roofing… Read more »

DIY Changing the Look of Luxury in Interior Design?

There’s no doubt the DIY culture is red hot in the creative community at all economic levels, from those making sconces using plumbing pipes to people building their own small 2-seat airplanes!  And although everyone isn’t inclined to DIY, the trend has forged a stronger appreciation for the art of handmade.  I confess there was  a young period when… Read more »


Of the Earth . . . My take on the 2013 Int’l Contemporary Furniture Fair

Each year interior designers and related vendors gather in NYC for the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair). This year’s show, held  at the NYC Javitz Center,  was a creative feast. Furniture, lighting, flooring and so many other product vendors came to the show with the most thoughful and inspiring products for interiors in years. The overarching… Read more »

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What are you talking about?!

. . . We like to think about and talk about design around here. We’re interior designers, but we look everywhere for inspiration including conceptual art, industrial and graphic design, architecture  and, of course, interiors.  This design conversation can go anywhere and we hope to spark a few conversations for you, too! Til next time!… Read more »

Cross + Orange

Welcome to Manning Design Group

Welcome to the Manning Design Group blog. We look forward to bringing you the latest ideas and trends in Interior Design. Please check back frequently as we begin updating our blog.