DIY Changing the Look of Luxury in Interior Design?

There’s no doubt the DIY culture is red hot in the creative community at all economic levels, from those making sconces using plumbing pipes to people building their own small 2-seat airplanes!  And although everyone isn’t inclined to DIY, the trend has forged a stronger appreciation for the art of handmade

I confess there was  a young period when I was embarrassed to wear the homemade clothing my mother would make for me because it didn’t come from the cool, expensive store.  Once I was confident enough to not worry about others’ opinions, I came to see beautifully handmade as the most warm, nuanced, and elegant expression of luxury.  In interior design, my favorite use is in contemporary environments.

While contemporary has often stood for perfect sheen, cool environments, the appreciation for DIY has softened contemporary tastes.  Here’s a close up of a handmade keypad cover we had made to hide a white plastic keypad previously installed by the builder.  This is in a distinctly contemporary environment.   Hand-formed rings and a hand rubbed finish sit beautifully with the handmade wallpaper, made by a studio that gives creative work to those living with HIV.  Our clients love the stories and warm beauty behind these elegantly handmade products, which aren’t “things from factories”.  I like to think the DIY trend paved the way for greater appreciation of this style and nurturing those who create the products.