Residential Interior Design

Residential Interior Designer in NJ

Elevate your space into an extraordinary environment.

Find clarify and reduce stress in a home that is professionally designed into a beautiful space that seamlessly accommodates your unique routine.  Jana’s designs skillfully integrate thoughtful and efficient storage to stay tidy, and well-placed lighting for stress-free work, craft, and leisure.  Her finely-tuned modern approach to space planning and ability to transform spaces with the right mix of rich, inviting finishes to set the mood that inspires each unique client, while, at once, supporting life’s practical needs.

Our services include space planning and lighting design through furnishings and finishes selections and guidance throughout installation.

Projects include new construction or remodeling, single family homes or multi-family buildings.

Allow us to guide you and your project through the stages of interior design and installation, keeping you confident and calm throughout the process.

Call or email today to begin elevating your space into an extraordinary environment.